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Protein Calculator

What is the Threptin protein calculator?

The Threptin protein calculator provides an answer to the question, “How much protein do I need in a day?” With the help of the Threptin protein calculator, you can get an idea of your daily protein requirement & then plan your diet accordingly. Our protein calculator will help you fulfill your protein goals.

Who should use the Threptin protein calculator?

The Threptin protein intake calculator can be used by anyone – young to old and fitness enthusiasts too, to define the protein required in your diet. Using our protein intake calculator, you have a better way to determine your required daily protein intake in a quick and easy way.

If you are unaware about the exact amount of protein your body needs,
then let our protein calculator guide you!
How to calculate protein intake?

Our protein requirement calculator is simple & easy to use. All you have to do is to enter your ‘category’, ‘age’ and ‘weight’ and you get the protein requirement as per the details you have centered. Any information entered in the daily protein intake calculator is never shared or published

What are the next steps after using the online protein calculator?

Once you get an idea of your required daily protein intake, check out our protein facts section to see the amount of protein contained in the food items you consume daily. If it does not add up to your required daily intake, then Threptin Lite will aid in fulfilling your protein gap while also providing you with numerous health benefits.