We all have heard the saying that protein is important for the body & that we should consume the appropriate amount of protein. But what is the importance of protein is the main question.

Protein is a critical part of providing fuel to our body, carrying oxygen to the blood and building antibodies to fight infection and illness. It has many responsibilities to play without which we won’t sustain long.

Here we have explained the role of protein, why we should take protein supplements and their benefits. If you are interested, then keep reading the article.

What are proteins and why is it important? 

Protein is the primary block of the body that forms muscles, tendons, skin, organs, hormones and various other parts. It contains smaller molecules called amino acids that link to form a structure like a thread. These long protein threads fold to form complex structures. So, you must get essential amino acids from protein supplements in India.

Remember that gaining protein for a healthy body is not only about quantity but also about quality. When consuming animal products, you gain all the amino acids in the right ratio. So, if you have fish, meat, dairy, eggs or other products in your diet, you are getting enough protein. However, another best way to gain quality protein is through consuming top protein supplements.

Why do you need protein supplements?

Are you wondering why protein supplements need to be consumed regularly? It contains all the essential macronutrients that are hard to get in food. These macronutrients help repair tissue, build muscle, make hormones, enzymes, etc. Read them in detail below:

Build: Protein helps form muscle, cartilage, bones and skin. In fact, your nails and hair are also made from protein.

Repair: Protein gained from the best protein supplements in India, is used by the body to build and repair tissue.

Oxygenate: RBC includes a protein that carries oxygen throughout your body. It is the role of these cells to provide your body with nutrients.

Digest: Almost half of the dietary protein consumed, is used by the body to make enzymes which further helps digest food, making hormones and new cells.

Regulate: Protein supplements are also required for hormone regulation, especially when a person hits puberty.

Health benefits you gain from protein supplement intake

Now that we know the importance of protein, let’s look into what health benefits they can provide:

Boost Metabolism

Consuming protein regularly boosts the body’s metabolism. They do so by providing you with enough energy to digest and properly use nutrients in food.

Maintain muscles

As proteins are the building blocks of the body, they help build muscles. So, if you go on a walk, work out in the gym, enjoy cycling, or do other activities, you should consume high protein supplements. It is especially important for athletes who maintain a higher muscle mass.

Make you full

By eating enough protein, you feel full or satiated for longer; more than you feel after consuming fat and carbohydrates. Thus, if you are planning on reducing calories or weight, protein supplements can do the trick. This is why you must have noticed athletes taking protein supplements for fueling their bodies to survive long stretches of time.

Muscle recovery

One of the most important protein supplement benefits in muscle recovery. Consuming supplements prevent muscle breakdown and provide inner strength to the body. Moreover, as these supplements have high-quality proteins, they are rich in essential amino acids. Thus, promoting better recovery.

How much protein is recommended for the body?

Not getting enough protein in a day can lead to health issues in the body. For example, your tissue will start to break down or experience muscle loss. So, it’s best to maintain a healthy level. But how much protein does a person need? You can find the answer to this question below:

Children below 4 years of age: 13 grams of protein

Children in between 4 to 8 years: 19 grams of protein

Children in between 9 to 13 years: 34 grams of protein

Women ageing 14 and above: 46 grams of protein

Boys in between 14 to 18 years: 52 grams of protein

Men ageing 19 and above: 56 grams of protein

To simply put, one may need 10% to 35% of their calorie intake in the form of protein supplements in India. However, the percentage will increase if they carry lots of physical activities.


The above information shows the importance of adding protein supplements to the diet. So, make sure you meet your day’s protein requirement with them. However, ensure they are of the best quality and contain no additives or flavours for the best outcome. You can also speak to your trainer, doctor, or dietician for a healthy dosage level. Protein supplements are the best way for athletes, vegetarians, vegans and older adults to gain energy.